Swift Judgment

Swift Judgment is a radical, disruptive web platform that is sure to change the way that small claims courts operate, and small debts are recovered. They engaged Headset to create web traffic for their launch. We constructed a comprehensive page optimization program with a range of other traffic building functions.

But as we discussed the company’s overall strategy, it became clear that a big win would be to strike a deal with a major player on the web that focused on the same core market as Swift Judgment: small business owners.

The most attractive of those is LegalZoom, another disruptive force that has grown by leaps and bounds. Swift Judgment had made attempts to reach the players at LegalZoom, but had had no luck. Although partnering was outside our remit, we decided to take it on. One of our partners made a connection to a connection, and within four hours, Swift Judgment had a call from LegalZoom, and in a couple of weeks they struck a deal.