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Julia Mallory

The executive training and corporate development business is full of companies all claiming a special uniqueness and insight into the minds of employees. From tug-of-war to paintball to the ubiquitous fall-back and trust exercises – they all do the same thing, they all talk the same talk, and they all struggle with awful information retention rates their clients are usually disappointed with.

Julia Mallory Consulting was different, even if they didn’t know it.

It took one meeting with the team at Julia Mallory Consulting to see just how different they really are. Every company in their space says they focus on

individual learning, that they’re subject matter experts, that they’re the best in the business- but Julia Mallory Consulting really is all that and more. Our job was to make sure prospective new clients were quickly able to see it too.

We began by taking a good hard look at the overall industry and quickly saw that where everyone else was headed was the exact wrong place for Julia Mallory Consulting to go. It was crowded, confused, and competitive in an extremely negative way. While everyone was zigging, Julia Mallory Consulting needed to zag. Where everyone in this space was talking in jargon and corporatese, Julia Mallory needed to talk

in the same terms that it taught – it needed to be clear, intuitive, educational, memorable and most of all funny – because as Julia Mallory told us, people remember funny.

Once we truly understood the issues and determined the best strategy, the creative followed quickly. We addressed the issue head on- where other companies offered employee games, we talked about definitive results, where other companies harped on training, we talked about “teaching”, where the competition talked in acronyms, we spoke in plain english – most of all what we did was increase Julia Mallory’s Consulting business by over 100%.