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Autodesk works hard to make sure their incoming salespeople are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the many products they offer their customers. This can be challenging when it comes to on-boarding new salespeople as there are multiple industries and roles within those industries, hundreds of products and hundreds of regions across the world.

Headset was asked to design and build an internal system that would help on-board new salespeople in a managed and verifiable way. The system needed to be intuitive, measurable, scaleable and because of Autodesk’s commitment to Microsoft, built on the Sharepoint platform.

We began by taking a good look at how on-boarding worked within the organization and the massive volume of data that needed to be communicated. Working closely with the team at Autodesk, it was clear that the best approach would be to break the knowledge set into weekly sections, by week one, salespeople were expected to have reviewed a specific set of lesson plans, by week two, another set, by week three another and so on up to ten weeks depending on the products and regions the salesperson had responsibility for.

Normally we would have designed this system from the end-user viewpoint and worked backwards toward the content management system, but in this case, the display of the information to the salesperson and the flow-of-use was very simple – what needed to be carefully considered was how the information should be entered into the system from the administration standpoint.

We began by outlining each industry and the available roles within this industries, from there we determined the various educational areas available to that role and added the weekly topics underneath.

As pretty much anyone who’s worked with it will tell you, Sharepoint can be challenging to work with, so we settled on a content management interface that used a simple add/remove and checkbox model.

With the new system we designed and built, the Autodesk training department is able to quickly and easily add, edit, redirect and delete lesson plans, select the appropriate area the information should reside in, and manage viewing permissions throughout – every user action is measured with completed lesson plans being logged and automatically sent to HR for their records.

Managing this volume of data and making it accessible, relevant and trackable was a big job – If employee training is important to you, give us a call.