World Equity Group West

WEGWest needed to attract independent brokers to their new practice, so they came to us to help get the message out. On the surface it sounded pretty straightforward, locate, qualify, attract and close brokers with active books of business in the $2 million and up range.

The level of broker WEGWest was recruiting was at the low-to-mid range in terms of business – and there was a reason for that: a. These were the people the larger banks were failing to support -they were for the most part ignored, unrecognized for the business they were bringing in and, in some cases, actively being removed from the books, and b. brokers at a higher level were aggressively being recruited by the top banks in the country – WEGWest simply couldn’t compete with those kinds of budgets.

After talking to a lot of these brokers and getting a lifetime’s worth of insight from the client, we realized that these brokers needed to feel valued again, just like they were when their original bank hired them – they needed to feel like their contributions mattered, that they were once again seen as rainmakers and that the excitement they used to feel about

becoming a broker all those years ago could once again be a reality.

We began by creating strong visuals that quickly got the message across that freedom was there for them when they were ready. We created messaging that helped them understand that there’s a big difference between being independent and being alone.

We decided that physical direct mail was a good way to go to get the attention we were looking for, but there were a lot of gatekeepers at their places of work so we teamed up with ThinkSmart to build us a mailing list of home addresses for exactly the people we were looking for.

This mail campaign needed to be something pretty special, so we designed a brochure, wallpaper graphic and icon set that would display well on an iPad and then locked those iPads in bank bags silkscreened with a message telling them that their “key to future profits would arrive in two days” – we Fedex’d the locked bags to their homes, and put the keys on a 2-day delivery. Each broker received follow-up phone calls until we were able to speak with them in person

to see how they liked their new iPad and if they would be interested in learning more about WEGWest.

The day before the iPads were sent, we ran a 1/2 page vertical ad in The Wall Street Journal, right in the section we knew they look at first every morning – we made the logo big and the message bigger- one ad was all it took for people to tell us that they recognized the logo when they saw it on the iPad the next day – timing was everything.

Now we had some reasonable brand recognition and a buzz was starting, our next step was to contact broker headhunters – these companies spoke with brokers everyday and were quick to discard the lower grossing ones they came across- we negotiated a commission structure for them to talk about WEGWest and pass interested leads to us so we could set meetings with the founder of the company and he could close the deal.

WEGWest is growing and adding brokers every year – so if you’re a broker and are looking to feel valued again, contact WEGWest at here.